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A School District's "About Us"

A school district’s “About Us” content anchors everything. It’s the foundation for your content, brand, and image. About Us can be used in creative and engaging ways like videos, infographics, and even animated explainers. 

Build a strong “About Us” and your life will be much easier throughout the year. You can create, use, and reuse content on social, in brochures, newsletters, and events.

Your School District's "About Us" Objectives

Your About Us objectives can be remembered as the “Three Is”:

  • Introduce
  • Inform
  • Inspire

Your About Us should capture the essence of who you are. When you write a school newsletter or produce a community event, the About Us is quietly humming behind the scenes.

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Introduce Your School District

We all know that public school districts and campuses are not simply buildings with people working and learning. They’re places where new ideas, discoveries, and concepts are brought to life. It includes an environment that is collaborative and energizing. These concepts are what you can promote throughout the year.

Your public schools foster excellence, competition, and achievement. Children envision possibilities and who they might become in the future. Dreams begin in traditional public schools. (How’s that for a tagline!) In addition, educators, administration, and support staff have achievements to shout out. This includes years of service and academic degrees.

How are you introducing your district? To get to a great About Us, we’ll start with a strong foundation. The list below quickly answers where, who, and what. As we get further into it, you’ll see how it gets more and more exciting!

  • Geographic location
  • History
  • Mission 
  • Vision
  • Enrollment
  • # of Schools
  • #Staff
  • Leadership
This should take you about 20 minutes to complete. I have a downloadable worksheet at the end of the page to make it easy to build your About Us. Now let’s move on to the next “I”, inform. 

Inform Your Parents, Families, and Community

Whether you’re updating your school district’s website design or creating an event, elements of your About Us can be used to inform and educate.

Your families, students, and local business community are more likely to connect with you when they feel they know you.

When you think about informing someone vs an introduction, consider what people might NOT know about you. These areas might include:

  • Mission and Vision
  • Academic programs
  • Services

Questions to answer:

  1. How do we live by our mission and vision?
EXAMPLE: At Awesome ISD, we develop successful students through excellent academics and dedicated teachers who care about their development.
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2. Do we clearly communicate what we offer our students?

Don’t assume parents know what you offer. Even if it seems obvious, own it and broadcast it! When it comes to academic pathways, academies, PreK, dual credit, dual language, Magnets, IB, and special education are programs often searched by parents online. 

3. What services do you provide that are helpful to families? Don’t assume every parent knows that they can get free testing and assessments for their child. In listing your services, you might provide a sentence about each. For example:
School Meals
We provide healthy school meals for all students including free and reduced prices.
Developmental Testing
Our elementary schools provide free speech and developmental testing to ensure students receive the support they need.

Inspire Current and Future Students

We all love to be inspired. Some of us hope to inspire others. Well, guess what? Your public schools are bursting at the seams with inspiration!

From academic excellence to athletic championships, your awards and recognitions are big and bold displays of your success.

In addition to student excellence, educator and staff achievements are powerful ways to demonstrate who you are as a community.

Within your school district About Us, it might be difficult to list ALL of your achievements and awards. Therefore, hit the high points when you’re featuring awards on your website and in print. 

I do recommend listing out everything from the past school year (sometimes years) and involve your district and campus leadership. Here’s a way to organize:

  1. Academic district level recognition, rankings, awards (for example, Blue Ribbon Schools)
  2. National recognition (US News Best STEM Schools, for example)
  3. State level awards (academic and athletic)
  4. Program level awards 
  5. Leadership awards (Teacher of the Year, Superintendent of the Year, etc)
  6. Student excellence (National Merit Finalists, national recognition)

To help you build a strong About Us document that you can use on your website, in presentations, school newsletters, and school registration packets.

Remember, people won’t know about how awesome your district is until you tell them!

Download this worksheet to help you build your About Us. Happy promoting!