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Core values in a marketing strategy

When you think about marketing strategies for your school district, look to your core values as a starting point. You can also use your mission statement. All reflect who you are, what you do, and why you’re doing it. This is so important for parents and students to know! Core values can serve as your foundation for messaging and contribute to your elevator pitch. 

All can be used in many marketing tactics. To help demonstrate how, I created a few core values for my fictional school district, Awesome ISD. 

The plan has three core values: 

  • Preparation: Each student will be prepared for the future 
  • Inclusivity: Inclusive school culture promotes positive student development
  • Responsibility: Responsibility contributes to academic success

Often, a school district or campus might publish their core values on their website and leave it at that. I’ll show you how you can use your core values in a marketing plan. 

What’s great about marketing plans is that you can have several plans supporting a bigger plan. 

So for this example, we’ll call this Awesome ISD’s Marketing Plan: Core Beliefs. 

Awesome ISD’s Marketing Strategy and Plan: Core Values

The marketing plan includes the following components:

  • Research / discovery (this could be a simple survey)
  • Create a goal (this is measurable) 
  • Create your objective
  • Develop your tactics
  • Assign a budget (it can be zero)
  • Evaluate

Research: Brief survey to parents and staff
Goal: Promote core values 1-2x month to our families and parents from September-May.
Objective: Engage the community about our core values to draw students to our schools.

1. School District Website – Create a section on the homepage to link to our Core Values page or our strategic plan area. 

2. School Newsletters – Each month, focus on a core value and spotlight an example. Create an area called, “Our Core Values”. For example, Smore newsletters is a company that provides templates for school PR professionals.

3. School District Social Media Channels – 1 x month, feature a story that reflects a core value. Ask teachers to submit stories that exemplify a core value. 

4. Digital Marketing – During active enrollment or early registration time, create a series of Facebook ads promoting core values.

5. Print – Create a banner to hang in the area where for school board meetings are held.

The majority of the strategy can be executed internally, so there are minimal hard costs.
$250 – Facebook boosted posts targeting parents in the surrounding area
$250 – banner 

Evaluate: Send the same survey out and analyze the change in awareness.
Pull Facebook analytics to review engagement.

To conclude, use your core values as a way to marketing and promote a school brand and school district brand. By going step-by-step, you’ll have a solid plan and effective campaign.