Marketing Plan Preparation

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A school district marketing plan requires preparation To set yourself up for success, prepare before you set out to create your school district marketing plan. Whether you’re working on your annual plan, or a focused campaign, use these steps in your process. Take inventory of your district’s marketing and communications Grab a notepad or open […]

Public Relations and Marketing

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School District Public Relations and Marketing I often hear the terms marketing, advertising, communications, and public relations used interchangeably. As a result, let’s take a high level look at all of them. Advertising is promotion through a purchase. TV, radio, digital, and print are common advertising buys. Certainly, a school district can use one or […]

Core Values in a Marketing Strategy

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Core values in a marketing strategy When you think about marketing strategies for your school district, look to your core values as a starting point. You can also use your mission statement. All reflect who you are, what you do, and why you’re doing it. This is so important for parents and students to know! […]

School District About Us

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A School District’s “About Us” A school district’s “About Us” content anchors everything. It’s the foundation for your content, brand, and image. About Us can be used in creative and engaging ways like videos, infographics, and even animated explainers. Build a strong “About Us” and your life will be much easier throughout the year. You […]