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Hi! I’m Lisa Losasso Jackson, and I love marketing for public education and school districts. 

I provide trainings, resources, and services to support your school district marketing efforts. 

Public School Marketing
public school marketing

Marketing and School Districts

As a school district communications professional, you know the value of a good story. 

First, storytelling is the best way to engage your community. Second, storytelling can connect emotion to a message. And finally, it storytelling can anchor an entire marketing plan. 

That’s right! If you know how to tell a good story, then you’re well on your way to success in marketing.


School district marketing can focus on a couple of tactics, like a school newsletter and social media. In addition, it can involve a plan that incorporates all the things like your district strategic plan, branding, and enrollment.

Marketing is constantly evolving. 

Therefore, support and training are super important to stay on top of your game. Moreover, collaboration and idea-sharing can save time and energy. I’ve made it my mission to provide trainings, tools, and resources for one-person, small teams, and large-sized departments in a public school district.

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The only school district marketing program that provides communications professionals the best training and tools to achieve goals and succeed in marketing. 

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